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Biopic : Dexter French, a famous American chemist

Gregorio Crini (environmental polymerist at Chrono-environment, h-index = 39, citations > 12500) has just published, in collaboration with eminent American, Japanese and Hungarian professors, a biopic on the life and scientific work of Dexter French, a famous American professor of chemistry and biology at Iowa State College in the 1950s. Professor French is indeed considered one of the pioneers in the development of knowledge about cyclodextrins.

This biopic, entitled "Contributions of Dexter French (1918-1981) to cycloamylose/cyclodextrin and starch science", was published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers (FI = 7,182). The 17-page article retraces the life of Professor French and describes his many results, still relevant today, published between 1950 and 1970 on the chemistry, biology and enzymology of cyclodextrins. A last part discusses his impact on the modern sciences of cyclodextrins and starch.

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