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Grégorio Crini (environmental polymerist Chrono-environment), Nadia Crini (analytical chemist at Chrono-environnement), Sophie Fourmentin and Marc Fourmentin have just published a state of the art scientific and technical in the documentary database Engineering Techniques (Ref IN232V1), titled "Main applications of CD / substrate inclusion complexes".

What can an ibuprofen tablet, a pertussis vaccine, a birthing trigger, a curing antidote, a hair loss solution, a toothpaste, a Nicorette sugar beverage, a chewing gum L’Oreal Nutri-gloss shampoo, Banani’s Dangerous Man eau de toilette, Turmeric-based dietary supplement, Belgian Balade butter, mayonnaise, Japanese fish sausage, modified steak, powder horseradish, an Asian mustard sauce, a sweetener, honey, cinnamon extract, green tea without bitterness, vanilla coffee, clarified fruit juice, a chromatographic column, a biopesticide, a catalyst, a tubular material, a curtain, a cosmetotextile, an ink, Mr. Clean detergent, a pool biofloculant, a bioadsorbent for the treatment of water, or Febrèze deodorant ... The answer, a molecule of CYCLODEXTRIN.

Cyclodextrins are synthetic substances resulting from the enzymatic degradation of starch, one of the most important substances on our planet. They comprise within their structure a hydrophobic cavity which allows them to encapsulate other substances by a host-guest association. All industrial fields are concerned, from pharmacy to cosmetics, through food, hygiene, medical, radiology, agrochemicals, catalysis, the packaging sector, or water treatment. .

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