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26 February 2019

TETARD Alexandre recives a talk price

TETARD Alexandre receives the prize for Best oral communication at the 19th French symposium of Young Researchers working on Mucoviscidose organized on 25 and 26 February 2019 in Paris.

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19 February 2019

Maxime Louzon receives a Dufrenoy price

The French Academy of Agriculture has awarded the DUFRENOY 2019 scholarship to LOUZON Maxime to present his research results on guide values of contaminants in snails at the congress of SETAC (...)

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26 October 2018

Besançon designated French capital of biodiversity 2018

Faced with the loss of biodiversity, Besançon is committed to

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7 October 2017

KNAPP Jenny, Bachir Mentouri distinction

At the 27th World Congress on Echinococcosis held in Algiers from 4 to 7 October 2017, [KNAPP Jenny>spip.php?page=perso&nom=KNAPP&prenom=Jenny] won the Bachir Mentouri Prize.
His oral (...)

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18 November 2016

DELAINE Maxence, best photography at the international microorganisms imagery contest

DELAINE Maxence won the award for Best Scientific Photography at the International Imaging Competition for Microorganisms

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14 October 2016

MAGOTT Rémi, 2016 PhD thesis price from de SE-French geological association

MAGOTT Rémi received the 2016 thesis prize from the Association of Southeast Geologists (AGSE). Propagation of the seismic rupture in the oceanic lithosphere: a study based on the structural (...)

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20 May 2016

DEGRELLE Déborah, best talk at the French Chemical Society & Société Générale

DEGRELLE Deborah won the Oral Communication Award from the Société Chimique de France and Société Générale.
Determination of the mass attenuation coefficient at 59.54 keV to address the problems of (...)

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8 April 2016

PETITJEAN Marie, My PhD Thesis in 180 seconds 2016

PETITJEAN Marie won the Jury Prize of the Regional Final of the International Competition "My Thesis in 180 seconds".
Seventeen years of genotypic and phenotypic analysis of an epidemic strain (...)

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23 September 2014

TRINCAL Vincent, best talk at the Mid European Clay Conference

Vincent Trincal, récemment rentré du 7th Mid European Clay Conference tenu à Dresden en Allemagne, a obtenu le prix de la meilleure présentation Etudiant. Son exposé portait sur les cristallisations de chlorites liées à la circulation de fluides et à la déformation le long d’une zone de faille (chevauchement du Pic de Port Vieux, Pyrénées).

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