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Elia Roulé

Doctoral Student

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Human-environment relations, last millennia, Holocene, Arctic, Subarctic, adaptations/adaptability, resilience, ecology, environments, palynology, anthracology, parasitology, European and extra-European prehistory.

As a doctoral student in archaeology at Besançon (Chrono-environnement Laboratory), I explore the paleoenvironments of Greenland and Canada, from Newfoundland to St-Pierre-et-Miquelon. In collaboration with specialists in France and Canada, I use multi-proxy analyses such as paleobotany (palynology, microcharcoal) and paleoparasitology to reconstruct past vegetation over the last millennia of the Holocene. By examining sequences from lakes and peat bogs in the vicinity of Inuit and Norse archaeological sites, I identify and study “anthropization markers” that bear witness to past lifestyles that influenced vegetation. By crossing various disciplines, my archaeo-paleoecological research in Arctic and sub-Arctic hotspots contributes to a better understanding of recent climate change and its repercussions on adaptation and resilience capacities in complex human-nature interactions.

Current projects :

ANR NICH-Arctic Belmont-Forum (dir. Emilie Gauthier & Anne de Vernal), ANR InterArctic (dir. Emilie Gauthier and Dominique Marguerie), GRD Arctic
Participation in Claire HOUMARD’s project in Alaska this summer 2023

Stays abroad :

Paleoecology and sampling in Canada: Labrador coast (Nain) and Newfoundland (2 months). Dir. Dominique Marguerie, Emilie Gauthier, Najat Bhiry, Dominique
Todisco, Matthew Perros, etc.
Archaeological digs in Alaska (1 month): Quinhagak (Nunalleq). Dir. Claire Houmard (Chrono-environnement, Besançon)

Publications :

Elia Roulé, Emilie Gauthier 2021. Étude des interactions entre les fermiers norrois et leur environnement au Groenland : le cas de l’établissement occidental DUMAS , 2 volumes : 68 pages, https://dumas.ccsd.cnrs.fr/dumas-03627609 (Mémoire d’étudiant)