Biodiversity dynamics and functional trajectories of ecosystems ( DYNABIO)

Restoration and preservation of ecology

The exponential growth of human population and the associated industrialization and urbanisation have profoundly altered the functioning of ecosystems, leading to the sixth mass extinction.
The goal of this theme is to develop tools and approaches for diagnosing the ecological status of ecosystems and to balance the conservation of biodiversity and associated functional processes with the socioeconomic development of human populations in order to minimise conflicts while maintaining ecosystem services. This research will inform restoration and conservation ecology to achieve sustainable development goals.

coordinators DYNABIO :
Ève Afonso

Damien Rius

Location :
La Bouloie – Bâtiment Propédeutique – aile M

Research topics

Evolution and dynamics of biodiversity

This area includes work on characterising local and regional biodiversity at different time scales and levels of organisation.

Functional role of biodiversity

Analyse relationships between functional role and community structure to gain a better understanding of the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning.

Functional role of biodiversity

Identify and quantify the influence of human pressures and climate change on the spatio-temporal evolution of ecosystems.


IRP Cold Forests

The main theme of this project is to analyse and model the functioning of cold forests in Canada, particularly in Quebec, with the aim of proposing strategies for adaptation, regulation, management and conservation in response to global change.


The Deep-C project aims to understand the environmental, biological and socio-economic parameters and processes that control the fate of carbon in water bodies.