Welcome at Chrono Lab


A multidisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to understanding present and past socio-ecological systems in order to predict and prevent the consequences of global change.

A multidisciplinary unit

Chrono-environnement is a joint research unit (UMR 6249) led by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and UBFC (Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté) and brings together archaeologists, ecologists and ecotoxicologists, geologists and hydrologists, microbiologists, virologists, mathematicians, historians, chemists, and physicists who have learned to work on common themes. The unit’s scientific project is guided by the goals of the international Future Earth initiative, which promotes the acquisition of knowledge necessary for sustainable global development.

Scales of time and space

Chrono-Environnement deals with both the infinitely large (our planet) and the infinitely small (bacteria and viruses) in time scales ranging from prehistory to the present.

5 scientific groups to study the complexity of the world


How can we reconcile biodiversity conservation and sustainable development?


How can we better protect our natural resources?


How can we improve tomorrow’s treatments?


How can we breathe new life into our polluted soils?


How has humanity shaped the environment?


Understanding the impacts of climate change and human activities on aquatic ecosystems.


Long-term monitoring and accreditation of observatories in the Jurassic Massif.

Polar zones

Vulnerability, resilience, and capacity to adapt to global change in the high latitudes.

3 working groups on transversal topics

A scientific analysis platform

La Plateforme technologique d’étude des Environnements Anciens et Actuels (PEA²t) est une structuration d’équipements et de moyens destinés à offrir, à la communauté de la recherche publique universitaire, mais également à des partenaires socio-économiques et du monde de la culture, des ressources technologiques performantes et une expertise avérée dans différents domaines, pour répondre aux problématiques scientifiques environnementales dans toutes leurs dimensions.The Plateforme technologique d’étude des Environnements Anciens et Actuels (PEA²t) is an organisation of equipment and resources designed to provide the university research community, as well as socioeconomic partners and the world of culture, with powerful technological resources and proven expertise in a variety of fields to answer scientific environmental questions in all their dimensions.

From the local to the global

Chrono-environnement is the supporting research unit of the Arc jurassien workshop zone (ZAAJ), one of the twelve workshop zones accredited by the Institut Écologie et Environnement (INEE) of the CNRS, part of a national network recognised by the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER) and Allenvi. Created in 2013, ZAAJ brings together and supports a multidisciplinary network of research partners working on the interactions between environment, society and the dynamics of socio-ecological systems in mid-mountain regions. The six partner laboratories are particularly interested in studying environmental change over time and the links between the environment and ecosystem and human health.
The Laboratory participates in several national observational services operated by the Institute CNRS INSU. These services bring together a range of resources dedicated to long-term monitoring of the formation, evolution, and variability of natural systems.
Thanks to the skills developed at Jura, several researchers are involved in projects in the Arctic and Alaska.