Pollutants: exposure, effects and management

Managing pollution, restoring life

This theme is organised around a common object of study: pollution, a hallmark of the Anthropocene. Although some of this pollution is natural in origin, human activities, particularly in recent decades, have increased its concentration and dispersion in the environment, making it a driving factor that threatens the integrity of biological and ecological systems.

Given the limited capacity of our human societies to assess and manage the environmental and health risks of contaminants, issues related to assessing the exposure of living organisms, quantifying impacts at different levels of biological organisation, and developing risk management tools for restoring ecological systems are more timely than ever.

Coordinators POLLUTION :

Lisa Ciadamidaro
Location : Montbéliard

Frédéric Gimbert
Location :
La Bouloie -Besançon

Research areas

Alteragenes and multiple exposure

Determining which alteragens are present. Characterise the intensity and time course of contamination and impregnation of biological receptors.

Effects on biological systems

Investigate the relationship between exposure and environmental health. Quantitative measurements of the effects of contaminants on living organisms.

Engineering and Management/Remediation

Development and application of engineering methods for storage and remediation of industrial wastewater.

Current projects


The overall goal of the ECOPOLIS project is to redevelop a brownfield site in an urban setting. It involves the entire community and is based on the creation of a living laboratory for research and educational purposes.


SIRAM will enable the full integration and implementation of sustainable solutions for regenerative agriculture in different regions of the Mediterranean, while addressing the issue of low income at the small farm level.


This European project brings together a consortium of 15 Europeans. It aims to develop and improve synergistic biosystems for the removal of mixed pollutants from polluted soils, sediments and (ground) water.


This European project aims to implement innovative technologies to monitor polluted soils and implement nature-based solutions to accelerate their restoration and ensure that the processes developed can be integrated into a commercial offer.