Grégorio CRINI

Chrono-environnement - UMR 6249
Campus de la Bouloie
16 rue de Gray
25030 Besançon

Grégorio Crini

Senior Engineer

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room -207M

Water chemistry

Chemical analysis, water engineering, environmental chemistry, organic and macromolecular synthesis, polymer materials, cyclodextrins, chitin/chitosan, NMR, industrial expertise

My research focuses on the development of new macromolecular structures based on natural substances(starches, cyclodextrin, chitosan, cellulose, wood, hemp and flax) for capture, transport and separation of contaminants present in effluents (industrial effluents (industrial, WWTP), the aquatic environment and sediments involving chemical abatement and environmental impact


FINEAU 2020-2024 Region-Feder-Industries, FLUOREX 2 2022-2024 Silac, Gemdoubs, ALLIGATEX 2022-2024 MJR, MYDREAU 2022-2024 UNAP, CHITODEX 2023-2025