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Olivier Maillard

Doctoral Student

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+33 (0)603277595, room -227L

Hydrogeology, Gravity movements, Landslide, Temporal prediction model, Climatic and hydrogeological factors, Machine learning

Landslides are gravity movements that can be triggered by factors such as seismic activity and climatic events (precipitation, storms, etc.). With the aim of improving landslide prevention systems over time, my thesis work aims to identify the hydrogeological and meteorological factors that are precursors to instability phases. To do this, I am building a model for predicting displacement speeds over time using machine learning models (Random Forest, XGBoost) to rank the factors most used in the prediction, initially using data from the Séchilienne landslide.

Current projects:

PhD thesis: Detection of precursors to the triggering of gravity instabilities: multi-parameter chronicles, artificial intelligence and modelling.

Article in progress: Utilizing Lumped Models and Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Networks to Model Hydrological Systems in Unstable Fissured Slopes: A Case Study of the Séchilienne Landslide (French Alps).

Journal articles


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