Transverse Axis

Characterization and Management of Geo-Resources (Water, Metals and Minerals, Decarbonized Energy)

The ongoing energy transition towards the production and use of decarbonized energy sources represents a major societal and industrial challenge. Earth and its subsurface are the preferred and potential reservoir, provided that their functioning is well understood. The fundamental research developed in axes 1 and 2 is extended here into a cross-cutting axis aimed at better quantifying resources and gaining a deeper understanding of subsurface applications.
Our objective is to address the issue of fluid-rock interactions, applied to questions related to the natural production of decarbonized energy (geothermal, hydrogen), the assessment and consideration of environmental impacts, sustainable resource management, geological storage, and supply chain security (water, H, He, CO2, strategic metals at the national level).
One of the major challenges is to improve the understanding and modeling of the production and mobility of dissolved chemical elements in aqueous fluids (C, H, He, metals) in different geological reservoirs.

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