Elemental analysis


PEA²t : Environmental chemical analysis


Mineralisation/acid attack, identification and quantification of major and trace inorganic elements in various matrices (water, soil, sediment, biological tissue), using analytical chemistry tools, to support research programmes in many fields (hydrogeology, chemistry, medicine, ecotoxicology, etc.).
Regular development of methods for measuring new elements in original matrices; characterisation and tracing of their transfer into the food chain.

The analyses or preparations

– Wet process: hot acid etching in a closed system under pressure (microwave) or at atmospheric pressure.
– Dry method: calcination then solution of the mineral residue (ash) with an acid.

– Major elements (Ca, Na, K, Mg, Si, etc.); Applications: surface and groundwater, industrial effluents, etc.
– Trace elements (Cd, Hg, As, Pb, Zn, etc.); Applications: water, urine, animal matrices (liver, kidney, blood, hair, snail feet or viscera, etc.) and plant matrices (trees, fodder, plants, etc.), etc.
– Lanthanides; Applications: water, plants, soil, etc.
– Pb isotopes (206Pb, 207Pb and 208Pb); Applications: water, peat, etc.</analysis:<>

List of equipment

– Courtage Analyses Services solid-state mercury analyser (AMA 254) fitted with a sample changer
– ThermoFisher Scientific dual axial and radial sight inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (iCAP Pro XP model) with Fast loop
– ThermoScientific inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) (model iCAP RQ) with Fast loop; coupled to a ThermoFisher Scientific ion chromatography chain (model ICS6000) for speciation (under development for arsenic and mercury)
– Nabertherm calcination furnace (P330)
– Milestone 10-position microwave mineraliser (Ethos)
– SCP Sciences 48-position heating block mineraliser (Digiprep)

Managers :
AMIOT Caroline
Office : -203M – Tél : +33 3 81 66 57 83
CRINI Nadia (Besançon)
Office : -203M-Tél : +33 3 81 66 57 86

Besançon – La Bouloie – Bâtiment Propédeutique – aile M – étage -2 (-202K)

Conditions for access:
Via contact with the UT manager only (by email or telephone)

CNS Analysis

Determination of carbon (total carbon and organic carbon), nitrogen and sulphur in finely ground and sieved solid samples (soil, sediment, plants).

Analyses or preparations

– total carbon, nitrogen and sulphur (200 to 1000 mg of sample)
– organic carbon after acid etching of the sample (20 to 100 mg of sample)

List of equipment

– CNS analyser
– TOC analyser

Manager :
LOUP Christophe
Office : -203L – Tél : +33 3 81 66 64 33

Location : Site de la Bouloie, salle -222M

Conditions for access:
Via contact with the UT manager only (by email or telephone)