Mission YUP’IK


YUP’IK: a SOPAST Project

Nunalleq, an exceptional archaeological site

The French YUP’IK 2022-2025 mission benefits from the logistical and technical support of the MSHE’s GéoBFC instrument park (topographic equipment).

The archaeological dig is currently taking place at the Nunalleq site, which is exceptional in terms of the wealth and uniqueness of the objects unearthed. The artefacts made of wood, bone, leather, ceramics and basketry have been perfectly preserved in the frozen ground since the village was destroyed in the 17th century during reprisals by a neighbouring group. Figurines, masks, ornaments, tools and cooking utensils bear witness to the life of the Yupiit during the Little Ice Age and their ability to adapt to the hostile elements.

©Nunalleq Museum

©Nunalleq Museum

The YUP’IK mission is led by Claire Houmard, teacher-researcher at the University of Franche-Comté, Chrono-environnement laboratory, in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Villa Albertine, the French Embassy in the United States, the University of Aberdeen, the Nunalleq Cultural and Archaeological Centre, Nalaquq and Qanirtuuq Inc.

To follow the mission in real time and find out more about the project: https://nunalleq.wordpress.com/.