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PEA²t Structuration

Coordination: CRINI Nadia

 Technology platform for the study of old and present environments (PEA²t)
The technological platform for the study of old and present Environments (PEA²t) is a structure of equipment designed to provide the university public research community, but also socio-economic and cultural partners, high-performance technological resources and proven expertise in various fields, to respond to environmental scientific questions in all their dimensions.
This platform, whose uniqueness is proven on a regional scale, covers multiple disciplinary fields such as physics, chemistry, biology and ecology, health and geology. The multidisciplinary and complementary nature of the services it offers is reflected in the existence of complete functional chains, ranging from the ability to take a wide variety of environmental samples to the possibility of carrying out a very wide range of measurements/analyses. It is divided into five sectors of activities offering many services also including a common support to all divisions.

Catalogue of service offers
PEA²t brochure
PEA²t charter (fr)
PEA²t organizational chart

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The 5 divisions and the common support:

Collection, sampling & storing
Physical characterisation for environmental & paleoenvironmental studies
Environmental chemistry
Numerical simulation and modeling, radiation
Biology, molecular biology, ecophysiology
Common facilities