Geosystem dynamics, resources and environmental impacts (GEODE)

Our research theme is dedicated to enhancing our understanding of geosystem dynamics, with the goal of advancing our knowledge and improving the management of natural resources and environmental impacts resulting from human activities. The diverse scientific challenges undertaken by the GEODE team offer a multi-scale perspective, spanning both space and time. We explore the intricate mechanisms operating at the mineral level, investigate crustal and lithospheric processes, and delve into phenomena that range from the rapid (measured in seconds, days, or years) to the gradual (spanning thousands to millions of years).

Our research primarily focuses on the study of deformation and the intricate processes of chemical exchange, material transfer, and heat exchange. We closely examine the interfaces between rocks, fluids, and the biosphere in both deep (endogenous) and surface (exogenous and critical zone) systems

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GEODE Coordinators :

Julie Albaric

Pierre Trap

All members

Research areas

Critical Zone Dynamics

Study of physico-chemical exchanges at the interfaces of the hydrosphere / biosphere / atmosphere.

Lithospheric Dynamics

Interactions between mineralogical transformations and rock deformation.

Cross-Cutting Axis

Characterization and Management of Geo-Resources: Water, Metals and Minerals, Decarbonized Energy.

Ongoing projects


AUVERWATCH is a long-term monitoring network for Auvergne’s water ressources since 2014.


Transdisciplinary research on karstic waters


Hydro-SISMology, a study of underground WATER reservoirs subjected to extreme CLIMATE phenomena.


Projet Inter-axes I-SITE
SENSors and Analyses for AquiferS

Geological modelling of the Avant-Monts

Geological modelling of the Avant-Monts (Jura, France) and potential for He and non-fuel gases.

Circulation of fluidsin Variscan late-orogenic shear zones

Origin and timing of circulation of fluids with mineralization potential in Variscan late-orogenic shear zones.

Crustal hydration

Quantifying the effect of crustal hydration on the formation and maintenance of orogenic plateaus: the example of xenoliths from the Colorado Plateau, USA.

GEODE members

Team leaders

  • Julie Albaric, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Pierre Trap, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Loïc Angonin, Technical assistant, DYNABIO, GEODE, PEA²t, SOPAST
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  • Guillaume Bertrand, Assistant Professor, DYNABIO, GEODE, POLLUTION
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  • Philippe Binet, Professor, DYNABIO, GEODE, POLLUTION
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  • Martine Buatier, Professor, GEODE
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  • Nicolas Carry, Engineer, GEODE
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  • Hélène Celle, Professor, GEODE
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  • Delphine Charpentier, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Sylvie Damy, Assistant Professor, DYNABIO, GEODE, PATHOGENES, POLLUTION, SOPAST
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  • Joshua Ducasse, Technician, GEODE, PEA²t
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  • Camille Dusséaux, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Jean-Baptiste GIRAULT, Postdoctoral Researcher, GEODE
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  • Philippe Goncalves, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Alexandre LHOSMOT, Temporary lecturer, DYNABIO, GEODE
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  • Olivier Maillard, PhD Student, GEODE
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  • Pierre Nevers, Postdoctoral Researcher, GEODE
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  • Marguerite Perrey, Engineer, DYNABIO, GEODE, PEA²t, POLLUTION, SOPAST
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  • James Richard, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Jean-Pierre Sizun, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Marc Steinmann, Assistant Professor, GEODE
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  • Anne-Véronique WALTER-SIMONNET, Assistant Professor HDR, GEODE, SOPAST to remove to avoid, +33 (0)3 81 66 62 89, room -209L