Clean chemical laboratory


PEA²t : Environmental chemical analysis

Clean chemical laboratory

The analysis of trace elements and certain isotope ratios in environmental samples requires extremely clean handling conditions free from external contamination (atmospheric dust, oxidation deposits, etc.). This is particularly important for samples with very low levels of the elements measured (in the ppb to ppm range). The chemistry clean room is used to prepare this type of sample.
The UT has 2 rooms: a preparation room (-204K) and a clean room proper (-205K). Both rooms are air-conditioned and have a filtered atmosphere. Incoming air is propelled into the room via ceiling vents. Air quality is class 10,000 (ISO 7) in the clean room and class 100 (ISO 5) under the laminar flow hoods.

Analyses or preparations

– Preparation room (-204K): Distillation of acids, dissolving solid samples (rocks, soils, biological samples) by acid attack.
– Clean room (-205K): Preparation of samples in solution or water samples for the determination of trace elements or isotopic ratios (87Sr/86Sr; 143Nd/144Nd, 206Pb/207Pb). (fig. 2)

List of equipment

– 2 “Analab” class 100 PVC/PP laminar flow hoods (Fig. 1).
– 2 “Analab” class 100 PVC/PP double-stage evaporation units (Fig. 3).
– 1 PicoTrace Cupola Still acid subboiling distiller for the production of ultra-pure HCl and HNO3 from standard quality acids (Fig. 4).
– 1 Analab CRD system for cleaning Teflon dishes using acid vapours (Fig. 5).
– 1 benchtop centrifuge
– 1 Millipore Milli-Q Integral ultra-pure water production unit

Manager :
Bureau : -205L – Tél : +33 381 666 65 46

Location :
La Bouloie – Bâtiment propédeutique – aile M – étage -2 (-206M)

Access conditions:
Via contact with the manager (by e-mail or telephone)